CranioSacral Therapy Workshops

Learn CranioSacral Therapy through the Heartwood Institute.  We offer 5 courses in Craniosacral Therapy every year in St. Paul, MN.  Janet teaches Craniosacral Therapy 1, 2 and 4.  Dr. Maureen Schwehr teaches CranioSacral Therapy 3 and 5.  CranioSacral Therapy 1 is offered in April every year.  Once you have taken that course, you may take the other courses in any order.

Join us for a deeply satisfying course and make connections with other healers in the area.

“Maureen’s workshop helped me find the rhythm essential for intuitive work.”
~ Renee Beasley, LMT, DIHA Graduate

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General Class Dates Each Year :

April :       Craniosacral Therapy l
June:         CranioSacral Therapy ll
October:   CranioSacral Therapy lll
January:   CranioSacral Therapy lV
March:      CranioSacral Therapy V

Workshop Cost:

$520 Standard Rate
$420 Early Bird Rate

Full Time Student Rate is available for CranioSacral Therapy l, ll, lll :
$420 Standard, $320 Early Bird

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